Preventative valve maintenance

SURV preventative valve maintenance reduces expensive, reputation damaging events


SURV valve management technology can save you time, money and injury

SURV is revolutionising the way water utilities approach preventative maintenance of their networks, pipe systems and infrastructure, meaning they can undertake maintenance with confidence the job will be done efficiently, safely and with minimal risk of downtime or damage.

Network issues, such as burst mains have the potential to cost tens of thousands of dollars and pose enormous risks to reputation. One of the best ways to prevent issues is through regular valve exercising, which better maintains the integrity of the entire system.

Most valves seize up due to a build-up of particles that form as a result of not being used. SURV employs Australia’s first and only ultrasonic valve release tool – the safest and most reliable method of releasing seized and hard to move valves. It restores assets to normal working order, without risking damage to the valve, or the health and safety of your employees and contractors.

SURV has a proven track-record of regular and safe exercising of valves, as well as the successful release of seized valves, outperforming any other solution on the market.

SURV valve management technology can save you time, money and injury.

The service has been developed by TRILITY, which has more than 25 years’ experience operating large and complex projects in the water industry.

SURV is a trading division of TRILITY Group of Companies.