SURV smart valve management technology

SURV technology enables the operator to release seized valves without injury


The Technology of SURV –
Smart Ultrasonic Release of Valves

SURV valve management technology can save you time, money and injury.

Most valves seize up as a result of not being used. When the valves have fluids or gases passing through them, some of that fluid or residues react with the internal components of the valve, hindering or completely blocking movement of the valve.

SURV’s releasing equipment attaches to the seized valve and actually breaks up any particles that have gathered within the valve, leaving the original components in a normal working condition again.

Once these particles have been broken up, the valve can be utilised for many more years to come, saving money that would have been wasted replacing a perfectly good valve, and preventing the even more costly event of a plant shut down or loss of water supply.

In addition to valve release services, SURV offers specialist valve maintenance including ‘Valve PAK™’ a method of replacing valve packing without the need for isolation and lubrication of valve stem to aid movement.

SURV is a trading division of TRILITY Group of Companies.

Through SURV, TRILITY is proud to offer, under licence, an integrated ultrasonic seized valve release, valve condition assessment, torque measurement and maintenance service in Australia.

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