Preventative valve maintenance

SURV preventative valve maintenance reduces expensive, reputation damaging events


Company Date Project description Estimated saving to the client
GWM Water

GWM Water

14/11/2019 Valve release and exercise - 3 off 375mm gate valves returned to a fully operational condition. Recycled water pumping main valve maintenance programme. $21,081.00
South East Water

South East Water

30/04/2019 Valve release of five seized water network valves. The large-diameter valves were situated in major road intersections in Melbourne’s south east and required significant traffic management to facilitate access. All five valves were released and returned to a fully operational state. Read more $500,000.00
Queensland Urban Utilities

Queensland Urban Utilities

30/08/2018 Critical valve exercise - 9 off water networks valves returned to a fully operational condition, including a 600mm gate valve, seized in an unknown status. Preparation for a major network rezone. Read more $266,900.00
11/12/2018 Valve release and exercise demonstration - released one strategic and one highly critical 300mm network valve from seized to open status. Released by SURV after previous failed attempts by others. $74,025.00
Affinity Water

Mount Baker Council

30/08/2018 Valve release – 150mm gate valve released from a seized open position. Required for essential maintenance in the wet well. $56,500.00
Southern Water

SA Water

29/08/2018 Valve exercise – operate one 500mm valve and one 600mm valve Emergency release of seized 150mm valve. $65,500.00

Mundaring Water treatment plant

22/08/2018 Valve release – 100mm gate valve released from a seized closed position. ATJV maintenance team were previously unable to operate the valve, but it can now be operated manually. $2,000.00
Scottish Water

Water Corporation

21/08/2018 Valve exercised – Exercised 150mm gate valve through 2 complete cycles to demonstrate the SURV equipment to relevant Water Corporation personnel. $8,000.00
Severn Trent Water

Summit Water treatment plant

03/08/2018 Valve release – 600mm gate valve released from seized closed position. Required for essential maintenance, downstream. $162,000.00

Macarthur Water filtration plant

28/06/2018 Value exercise and shutdown contingency cover – operated critical valve during the shutdown, doubled previous flow performance achieved, saving 45 minutes. $29,797.30
18/04/2018 Valve exercise program – operate and provide diagnostic report on 3 off, 250mm gate valves along a raw water pipeline. Confirmed critical valve operational.
05/07/2018 Value exercise and shutdown contingency cover – operated critical valve during the shutdown, increasing operational time during shutdown period.

Northern Queensland Water treatment plant

23/05/2018 Valve exercise program – operate and provide a diagnostic report on 16 off, 600mm gate valves. Released 3 off seized open. Released one 1000mm penstock valve, seized closed. $118,757.30

Redcliffe Sewage treatment plant

13/06/2018 Valve release – 2 off 500mm and 1 off 450mm gate valves released from a seized position, 1 off 450mm gate valve confirmed as broken and unusable. $126,391.30
02/05/2018 Valve release – 250mm pump station outlet valve released from a seized open position.

Yan Yean Water treatment plant

19/02/2018 Valve release – 1200mm butterfly valve released from a seized open position. $92,360.00
16/02/2018 Valve release – 375mm sludge lagoon inlet gate valve released from a seized closed position.
Company Value Project details $ Savings
Size Type
Affinity Water 9" - 20" Gate Valve Reservoir refurb project: avoid project extension $134,980
Southern Water 18" Gate Valve Treatment works maintenance: avoided replacement cost $16,873
Heathrow 3" - 24" Gate Valve Fire main: following critical valve assessment-reduced risk $759,262
Scottish Water 15" Gate Valve Strategic main in poor condition: immediate reduction in risk $101,235
Severn Trent Water 6" Tri Plug Ferric Dosing Valve: project delay avoided $4,281 plus $16,873 penalty
Cambridge Water Company 20" NRV Reservoir refurb project: cost reduction $75,962
Wessex Water 24" Gate Valve Pumping station refurb project: inoperable valves holding up pump maintenance $253,087
Unkown 3" - 15" Gate Valve Network optimisation program identified 10 seized assets which were all released $202,470
United Utilities 27" Waste Emergency call out: flow discharge increased from 200I/s to 900I/s $40,494
Thames Water 42" Gate Valve Part of a CAPEX handover scheme on the contact tank outlet valves to Kempton AWTW $337,450 - $674,900
Servern Trent Water 3" - 36" Gate Valve Aqueduct maintenance: security of supply and project cost reduction $253,087