SURV smart valve management technology

SURV technology enables the operator to release seized valves without injury


Seized assets are sometimes released by subjecting the internal components of a fitting to high levels of impact and torque in order to release any particulates causing a restriction in their free movement. However, this does not provide full control of the input nor monitor the output and how this is affecting the asset.

SURV’s valve release system ascertains the ‘free movement’ of an asset and has the ability to apply a controlled release process to seized valves. The system continuously assesses the frequency changes and ensures maximum efficiency whilst protecting the asset from unnecessary large forces.

The valve release service has been designed for use in the water industry, but can also be applied to oil and gas pipelines.

Why choose SURV

  • Every valve is released, overseen and inspected by an industry expert
  • We have over 25 years valve management experience
  • Our process releases valves of any age, size or level of seizure, no matter how great

No Free – No Fee

We are confident in our Valve Freeing Service that we operate on a ‘No Free – No Fee’* basis.  You will only be invoiced if the valve is successfully released.  The fee quoted is the fee you pay.  If the job takes 7 hours or 7 days, the price remains the same.

*mobilisation costs excluded

SURV can save you money and potential losses

In many cases, the cost of replacing the valve is insignificant in relation to the cost of a plant shutdown. Many valves seize up due to lack of use, and it is our experience that the older the valve, the better the quality of manufacture. So why replace it, instead release it.

Valve Assessment

Problems associated with operating valves can cause a multitude of difficulties that are rarely apparent until there is a requirement for isolation. During main shutoff, if a valve does not operate as expected, often the only option is to identify the next valve upstream. This can increase the number of customers affected, the associated water supply issues and extend the event.

In water and wastewater treatment plants and manufacturing facilities, if a valve does not operate there is often no alternative isolation option, significantly increasing the risk to operations. SURV’s valve diagnostics process incorporates the use of all terrain purpose built vehicle and hand held hydraulic smart actuator technology.

SURV’s inspection programs also encompass other vital water distribution system assets including hydrants, meters, pipelines, and access points.

SURV provides a comprehensive condition assessment report detailing the operability of the asset including residual life, rehabilitation or repair.


Valve PAK™ is an under pressure injection repair procedure that negates the need for valve isolation. The injection procedure is enabled by drilling an insertion port in to the valve ‘stuffing box’ area, installing a custom made fitting and injecting packing material to seal the ‘stuffing box’. The packing material is a specialised repair composite that consists of inert fibres and lubricant to aid the injection process. This material is approved for use in potable water systems.

Our specialist Valve PAK™ system and sealant system is fully approved for use in potable drinking water.

Injected under pressure the approved compound seals leaks that otherwise need repair through the dismantling of a valve.

The system has proven very successful with a range of utility customers and fire main operators and is applied by experienced valve technicians. It has been used on waste water networks, drinking water networks and high pressure pumping mains.

Valve Lubrication

SURV offers a valve lubrication service, which is recommended for all valves which have proved difficult to release.  A standard food grade oil, which has approval for use in contact with water for human consumption, is used as the lubricant.

In-situ Valve Repairs

Using a combination of ultrasonic resonance frequency and controlled torque SURV is able to release seized and stiff valves and return those assets to a good working condition.